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Цена снижена! Фото бусины PANDORA сердечко со стразами Увеличить

Шарм сияющее сердце 791241CZ


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Оригинальаня бусина со стразами с серебра Код в каталоге  791241CZ)


640 грн.


800 грн.


Цвет: серебро
Форма: Бусины - шармы
Материал: серебро 925, стразы
Гравировка S 925 AЛЕ
Размер: 11.7*10.6*8 мм
Диаметр отверстия 5 мм
Вес 3,82 гр
Цена за: 1 шт.
Тематика Любов
Коллекция Пандора Весна


Authentic Authentic Bead for Original European Bracelets

The original number is 791241CZ

Remember that by buying Pandora in our catalog you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of jewelry, since it corresponds to the prices set for closed sales of online stores in Europe and the USA, such stores are already a popular practice. Our consultants have good experience in selling Pandora jewelry and will help you make the best choice. So if you decide to buy a Pandora original Ukraine will be a good decision for this, as the prices here are for the better in contrast to many European and US countries. It is also worth noting that all customers a receive free basic branded packaging for orders from 1000 UAH, and can additionally purchase a gift box.

The pendant in the style is decorated by a popular European brand. The suspension is made on technology of production of sterling silver, work of the highest class.

You can buy beads of popular European brand - beads that are made in the style of popular European brand (popular European brand) Beads of popular European brand have a wide opening (from 4 to 5.5 mm), which allows you to effortlessly string them on the special basics of popular European brand.

Stringing beads on the foundations of a popular European brand, you create your own unique design for a popular European brand bracelet.
Name Options: Popular European Brand Bead, Popular European Bead Brand, Popular European Bead Brand, Popular European Brand Bead for Popular European Brand, Popular European Style Style, Charm for Popular European Brand, Charms for Popular European Brand

Buy Jewelry of the popular European brand in Kiev, bracelets and beads at karavanbusin.com. The hobby workshop of karavanbusin.com offers the largest selection of beads and fittings of a popular European brand. You can order bracelets in the style of a popular European brand on our website. After processing the order you can buy Jewelry of a popular European brand in any of the warehouses of Nova Poshta, where the goods are delivered in the shortest possible time. It is very easy to find and buy beads and clips in the style of a popular European brand in Kiev, as well as decorations of a popular European brand at www.karavanbusin.com. Select the product you like, add it to the cart and complete the order by specifying the phone and warehouse number for delivery.


All goods presented at Hobby Workshop Caravan Busin are warranted. The warranty period is 14 to 365 days. If you have any problems with our products, contact us regardless of the date of purchase. In each case we will make every effort to ensure that your good mood is not dimmed.


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Шарм сияющее сердце 791241CZ

Шарм сияющее сердце 791241CZ

Оригинальаня бусина со стразами с серебра Код в каталоге  791241CZ)

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